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About Tasvir Sazan

About TasvirSazan Group
we have degree in acting, directorship, filming and photography I entered Cinema and television art professionally in 2003 In 2004 I was responsible for performance and directorship of a televised match in channel 5 of Iran whose name was "120 saniyeh". It was one of the most popular television programs.
In 2005 we was responsible for directorship of a televised match whose name was "Day to Day" for MI.TV channel.
In 2006 we was responsible for performance and provision of more than 20 kinds of hidden camera program for Mohajer channel (MI TV).
In 2007 we was responsible for directorship of more than 10 advertisement tiezers and video clips for reliable and large companies. In 2008 I was responsible for provision and directorship of 3 television series that was in 30 episodes. One of these episodes was a televised instruction program for training making artificial flower, the second program was "jonge Mohajer" which was a humeral program. The third program was "Ki midoneh, Ki nemidooneh" (Who knows, who doesn't know) that was about Iranian proverb. I worked for 5 years in international channel of MI. IV, Iran Beauty, Iran music-Real state, MN TV, Iran Beauty, Iran music-Real state and MN TV(Mohajer network) I am member of Iran creative youth correspondences from 2004 up to now.
we own an art company of "Tasvirsazan". In we company I make tieser, music and video clips and training CD and I take photo and film of celebrations and seminars.
My website is www.Tasvirsazan.com
My email is



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